INSFILER [ Inspiration + Profiler ] is a data portal for everyone.
Find and explore data
for persona-building
Persona Profiles
We group the Korean population into segments based on age, gender, region, and other demographic characteristic and provide a set of ready-to-use analytical data, from basic statistics to shopping patterns.
Various Data Source
We collect and analyze both public and private data sources. To bring hundreds of data sources into a single searchable database, we are developing a data factory - data processing platform that effectively cleanses up, analyzes and visualizes various data sources.
Ready to Use
You can easily browse datasets with simple keywords and search options at You can also download visualized datasets for further use.
Focusing on
Understanding user behavior and designing a successful user experience is the key in today's market.
Data reflects the realities of the world around us. Information contained in data can help us gain insights based on facts.
Data-driven persona profiles are a useful source of understanding people's lifestyles and needs, especially in the areas of service design, UX design, market research, policy-making, and marketing.